2020 In-Flight Must Haves

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We all know germs and long days come with the territory of traveling. It’s so important to pack all your essentials to help ease flights and your day at the airport. Here are some of my go-to travel essentials for a busy year of upcoming flights ahead.

  1. Purell, my #1 travel essential. As soon as I get on board, I give my seat area a full wipe down (screens, table, arm rests, etc). Nowadays, this is a must!
  2. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm, we all experience some type of moisture loss when we’re in air. This lip balm hydrates and soothes my lips throughout the duration of a flight.
  3. A great book or magazines, I am not a huge movie watcher on flights so I always have the tendency to travel with fashion magazines or a new novel. There is something so soothing about listening to music while enjoying a great read without interruptions.
  4. Pack your own snacks, make sure you pack some healthy snacks and pick up a bottle of water so you can stay hydrated and keep your energy levels consistent. Especially for those who don’t eat plane food, like me!
  5. Face mist, one my favorite face mists is the Céla Essential Face Mist and my must-have when flying. One of the main ingredients is Snow Algae which is an aging-preventative and will provide so much moisture deep into the skin.

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