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Happy Thursday Everyone!

I had so much fun doing a giveaway for my Instagram followers with the Detox Market. Congrats to Liz in Toronto who won the beauty package. Since the start of the summer, I’ve been using Odacite products on my day to day from the Detox Market in Toronto and wanted to share a review on two specific items because they’ve been life changing for my skin; The Blueberry/Jasmine Serum Concentrate and Beauty Face Mask.
For some reason, I’ve been facing blemishes and more problematic skin throughout the summer. Perhaps due to the combination of travel and heat but I’ve been treating my skin to facials once/twice a month ever since. While this has helped, the most important part of a skincare routine is what you use and do morning and night. I’ve realized the most crucial steps are consistency and clean products. I have seen a significant difference in the hydration and evenness since using the Blueberry/Jasmine Serum at nighttime. While some may use serum during the day, I find my skin gets too oily with the product and I enjoy waking up to my refreshed skin after a night of use.
The Beauty Face Mask is a great detoxifying skincare step when I’m taking a relaxing bath. I use it once every 10 days as I don’t like to overdo it with masks. This product has definitely helped control my uneven pigmentation and my skin always feels amazing afterwards! The great part is the little book with instructions/ideas on different masks you can create with this product. Pretty genius, if you ask me!
I know a lot of people have been trying to go the more natural route by using Organic and 100% natural skincare lines, so I’m curious to know if any of you shop at The Detox Market? If so, what is your go-to item? Share with us!

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